Use cases

Do you want to know how your vehicles, machines, equipment or parts are being used and how they perform?

Using Northern VO’s solutions enables:

  • Optimized rental/lease pricing based on actual use
  • Clarity of any claims process as all usage is detected and recorded
  • Guaranteed uptime as preventative maintenance can be performed

Northern VO’s proven algorithms can tell you exactly the usage profile – not just engine hours or mileage, but a detailed usage derived from a single vibration / accelerometer sensor and the usage of Northern VO’s algorithms and SmartCalibration™ system.

State detection

Northern VO’s algorithms feature state of the art machine learning technology, which is easily adapted to provide real time state detection of any vehicles, machines, equipment or parts that experience variable wear and tear depending on the specific usage.

Through easy SmartCalibration™ various sensitive use cases can be identified and the usage detected in real time, such as:

  • On-road vs. off road driving
  • City vs. highway driving
  • Hard driving vs. soft driving
  • Engine idle vs. Engine off vs. Engine high-RPM
  • Breaking vs. hard breaking
  • Hard digging vs. soft digging
  • Usage of special tools such as hammers, drill etc.
  • Slalom driving vs. straight driving
  • Multiple state detection from all of above or custom case detection

The exact usage can be detected using one single sensor allowing for multiple new business cases and maintenance schemes to be built by OEMs, rental companies, dealers and machine owners.

Detecting abnormal situations

By using advanced and patented technology, Northern VO can detect abnormalities and react before critical situations occur. Abnormal situations can be identified as:

  • Operator misusing machinery
  • Abnormal mechanical tear and wear profile
  • Downgraded machine performance

A defective brake can e.g. be detected before the actual brake failure occur.

The Northern VO AI is dynamic adaptive, and dynamically learn from patterns with multiple signals, including CANbus signals, if available. Using SmartCalibration™ new critical cases caused by abnormal situations can be identified and new patterns can be prepared to e.g. provide warnings to the driver/operator or manager through various interfaces before a critical failure occurs.

With industrial standard methods and proven attrition algorithms a wear profile can be established, using a ‘life credit’ counter. The counter can estimate the ‘mechanical cost’ of a period or action of a single vehicle or machine or a fleet of machines.