About ILIAS Solution

ILIAS Solutions is focused on developing management solutions for the Military since the mid-90’s. The ILIAS products support Armed Forces to manage their capabilities and are used worldwide. Selecting ILIAS means choosing for a long-term partner who is dedicated, agile and responsive.

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ILIAS NVO have the solution

ILIAS NVO's patented machine learning and algorithms provide detailed information about the exact use of machines or vehicles. Information that makes it possible for OEMs, rental companies and users to optimize maintenance, bring forward new warranty schemes or suggest innovative rental conditions to bring increased profit in the entire value chain. All this can be done by ILIAS NVO using existing installed basic sensors and telematics solutions, CANbus data, or by installing one low cost vibration / accelrometer sensor.

ILIAS NVO’s solutions are today being used within both military and commercial civil applications by telematic companies and OEMs.

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