About us

Northern VO was established in 2011 and used the first years, in close co-operation with various defence organizations, and the Technical University of Denmark, to develop a totally new way to obtain knowledge about the use profile of military rolling material.

The goal was to optimize the overall operation and maintenance of the military equipment that very often is being used outside normal operation patterns and in extreme conditions. The challenge was to develop mathematical models that can turn the vehicles actual usage profile into relevant information that can be used for operational, maintenance and training purposes.

The innovative Northern VO solution have enabled the defence organizations to meet current demands for operational savings without having a negative impact of their ability to solve the necessary tasks and availability demands.

Having been approached by OEM’s, Telematic and rental companies active in tracking and tracing, fleet management and surveillance systems, Northern VO decided in 2016 to also supply its innovative solutions to the civil commercial marked. Within months the first demonstrations were done proving that Northern VO’s technology and solutions can be used in real time to detect the exact usage of e.g. construction equipment.

Northern VO have since then engage with various partners to provide the best system available to determine the exact use profile of any vehicle, equipment or machine.